Hailsuit: The Idea

The Hailsuit hail-resistant car cover was conceived by father and son during a vacation on Lake Garda in Italy after having experienced a heavy hailstorm. Their car suffered a lot of damage. Both hail dents on the roof and on the hood were the result. In the beginning they thought they could use hail coverage through their insurance. The car could be covered by the insurance, but this would reduce the value of the car by 20% in view of the damage caused by the hail pits and hail damage on the hood. The son was covered by third-party insurance, but that does not offer compensation for hail damage . At that point, father and son came up with the idea to invent a solution for this problem. Develop a hail-resistant blanket that could prevent any kind of hail damage. Even though hail-resistant car covers exist on the market, they are never well protected against heavy hailstorms.

Purpose of Hailsuit

The hail-resistant car cover aims to prevent car damage during extreme weather conditions. You should think of severe hail storms. Also known as a hail blanket, the hail-resistant car cover is made especially for such situations. In the future, hailstorms will be getting much more severe because of climate change. Even hailstones the size of golf balls rain down. You as a car owner are not happy with this. In addition, the weather forecasts remain unreliable and an unexpected hail shower can be just around the corner. Also, the fear that your vehicle may transform into a car with dents is therefore real. We have the solution for you right here.



Our mission is to profile our brand and to inform people and make them aware that there is a solution against a worldwide hail damage problem. We will not achieve the impossible, but we are pioneering! The hail-resistant car cover should ultimately be in the car with every car owner.


To ensure that every car owner can go on a carefree journey in the future despite bad weather conditions. The hail-resistant car cover from Hailsuit will make a major contribution to this. When developing new products, there is ample attention to quality, sustainability, creativity and user-friendliness.
Together with its employees, retailers and customers, Hailsuit realizes a number of sustainable partnerships to increase brand awareness and the sales of the hail-resistant car cover at home and abroad. We achieve more with entrepreneurs who want to achieve more!


Starting in 2018* our team started designing a protective cover for your vehicle. We are from Eindhoven and we noticed that the villages around the city had been hit by severe hail damage in recent years. Greenhouses, houses and cars were severely damaged in these storms, with tens of millions of euros in damage.
As car enthusiasts, we naturally do not want our vehicles to be damaged, with all its consequences. There are a number of options on the market for this problem, but at least they help to provide good protection.
The car cover Hailsuit namely offers a protection of 25 cm which we can say with conviction that it protects your car.
From our own experience and as car enthusiasts, we wanted to bring something to the market that actually offers the protection that you want. After 2 years of research, development, patent and applying for rights, all parts have come to their place and we are now introducing the hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit.
With the introduction of the car cover Hailsuit we show the very first inflatable protection for your vehicle. This product prevents damage due to hail and storm, or extreme weather conditions.
The hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit is excellent for 99% of every car brand and model. Because different sizes are offered, we will meet your demand.

The Hailsuit car covers are available in 7 sizes from XS to XXL and size Sport!

- Instant inflatable protection for your car
- Safe, reliable and easy to use
- Prevent loss of value and a rising insurance premium

Hailsuit is a durable, fast protection based on 0,025 millimeters of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The tool that offers protection to the precious automobile of you and your customer several times under all circumstances!
Years of protection under all circumstances!


Our team in the Netherlands is composed of driven employees who, thanks to their many years of experience, can work together efficiently to provide you with the best possible service. We therefore like to introduce ourselves to you.
Floris Cornelissen
Floris Cornelissen
Floris Cornelissen
Floris Cornelissen


Hailsuit protects your agains any form of hail inflicted damage. Compact and fast to deploy when your percious car is about to get hit by a hail storm, oh and did we say it's self inflatable? Well it is!

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