A Single Hailstorm Can Total Your Car!

Every year millions of cars get written off due to the damage done by hailstorms. Even if the insurance company decides to cover for damages, the car is valued at least 20 percent less. It is no joyous moment to see your prized possession get destroyed in front of your eyes while you stand there […]

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Damaged Hail Nuts at Night!

Tekkiraz  Ordu Province  Turkey (40.98 N, 37.16 E) < 3 km 23-03-2021  (Tuesday)12:00 UTC (+/- 30 min.) based on information from: an eyewitness report of the damage, an eye-witness report, a newspaper reportmaximum hail diameter: 2 cmImpacts: Crops/farmland damagedhttps://www.findiktv.com/gece-yagan-dolu-findiklara-zarar-verdi.htmlReference: "Gece Yağan Dolu Fındıklara Zarar Verdi!", FINDIK TV, 24 MAR 2021 report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: Thilo Kühne (ESWD management/ESSL Team)

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Climate damage Extreme weather causes 360 million euros in damage every year. Insurers and KNMI want to be able to provide better warnings and advice.

1-10-2021 : If nothing is done, the damage will have doubled by 2050 Government also involved in Broad Weather Insurance Insurers and KNMI join forces in the fight against climate damage. The differences per province are shown. For instance, in Limburg and Brabant there is more damage from heavy hailstorms. Just like the hailsuit app, […]

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2.5 billion euros damage due to storm, hail and heavy rainfall

The fact that, due to climate change, more and more hail storms are occurring in various countries, both in Europe and beyond, is well known to everyone. The weather forecasters, the science, the car industry and the insurance sector as well as the media pay more and more attention to this. In this section of […]

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Why hailstones keep getting bigger

The examined hail also showed substantial wet growth, which occurs in the lower part of hail growth zones within the storms, suggesting the updraft there must be particularly strong for these giants to obtain their size. As fascinating as this may be from a safe distance, hail of course is also extraordinarily dangerous, and more so […]

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Check out: HAILRADAR
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Ski Holiday Planned?

Finally the holiday you have been waiting for year-round: winter sports! There are several ways to travel to your destination; You have chosen to go on a ski holiday with the car. A good choice, because you have your own transport during winter sports and you probably also save on travel costs. It is important […]

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2,5 miljard euro schade door storm, hagel en zware regenval

 In Duitsland ligt het langjarig gemiddelde rond   € 900 miljoen per jaar  wat de autoverzekeraars betalen aan schade door storm, hagel en zware regenval. Er komt een voor het publiek toegankelijk centraal online systeem om aankomende gevaren te raadplegen. 25-12-2020 zie link: https://www.gdv.de/de/medien/aktuell/naturgefahrenbilanz-2020-65022 

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Extreme hailstorms this season

The capital of Libya, Tripoli has been hit by an unprecedented severe supercell storm on Tuesday, Oct 27th, 2020. The storm produced exceptionally large, *giant* hail, possibly more than 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter. The first reports indicate that hailstones could be one of the largest ever recorded on Earth! Such hail size would […]

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Hailsuit protects your agains any form of hail inflicted damage. Compact and fast to deploy when your percious car is about to get hit by a hail storm, oh and did we say it's self inflatable? Well it is!

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