What Hailsuit do I need?

To find the best fitting Hailsuit for your car we provide a handy tool to match your car with one of the available Hailsuit models. Be sure to check the demensions of your car when ordering your Hailsuit. When you are unsure or want to dubble check do not hesitate to contact us at all times! 

How long will it take Hailsuit to inflate?

The time it takes to inflate your Hailsuit is depending on the model, the lager ones take a bit more time. The smallest take about 3 minutes while the really big XXL does it in almost 7 minutes. Check your specific Hailsuit model for more info.

How long will Hailsuit protect my car?

When the car cover is fully inflated, it will maintain its perfect pressure for an average of 4-8 hours, after this period the Hailsuit® can give more pressure if necessary by switching on the pump for a few seconds.

How te deflate Hailsuit?

When your hail-resistant car cover has done its job, you can open the air valves (4 pieces) and run the pump on ‘Deflate’. Your hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit® can be used several times, after which it is stored neatly and safely.

How much does a Hailsuit weight?

This is also depending on the model of your Hailsuit, The small ones weight about 10KG/22lb and the big Hailsuit XXL weights almost 12KG/26lb. For more info on the weight of your specific Hailsuit, check the shop.

Is Hailsuit Re-Usable?

We take resposibility to minimize the ecological footprint therefore Hailsuit car cover is a reusable product. After use, the cover can be deflated, after which the cover can be placed back in the supplied bag. 


Hailsuit protects your agains any form of hail inflicted damage. Compact and fast to deploy when your percious car is about to get hit by a hail storm, oh and did we say it's self inflatable? Well it is!

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