A thunderstorm front pulled a swath of devastation through the community of Biederitz on Wednesday evening.

Location: Biederitz  Sachsen-Anhalt  Germany (52.16 N, 11.72 E) < 3 km01-07-2020  (Wednesday) 17:18 UTC (+/- 5 min.) Hailsize: Large hail. Some minor damage Based on information: an eye-witness report, an eyewitness report of the damage, a newspaper report. Source: https://www.volksstimme.de/lokal/burg/unwetter-schneise-der-verwuestung-in-biederitz Reference: "Schneise der Verwüstung in Biederitz ", VOLKSSTIMME, 02 JUL 2020 report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: Thilo Kühne (ESWD management/ESSL Team)

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Hailstones up to four centimeters in diameter fell in Ettlingen and Malsch.

Location: Malsch  Baden- ürttemberg Germany (48.88 N, 8.33 E) < 5 km06-08-2019  (Tuesday) 18:50 UTC (+/- 5 min.)Hailsize: maximum hail diameter: 4 cm Based on information: a report received by e-mail, a report on a website, a report by a weather service, an eyewitness report of the damage, photo or video of the event, an eye-witness report Source: ttps://www.regenbogen.de/nachrichten/magazin/20190807/unwetter-baden-und-der-pfalz Reference: "Unwetter in Baden und der Pfalz", RADIO REGENBOGEN, 07 AUG 2019 […]

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Bad Salzuflen (WB / dpa). In many parts of East Westphalia, heavy stormy rains fell on Wednesday evening. A hailstorm swept over Bad Salzuflen.

Location: Wüsten  Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany (52.10 N, 8.79 E) < 3 km19-06-2019  (Wednesday) 20:00 UTC (+/- 5 min.) Hailsize: maximum hail diameter: 3 cm large hail 2-3cm i.d., 3cm i.d. maxBased on information: based on information from: photo or video of the event, a newspaper report, a report on a websiteSource: https://www.westfalen-blatt.de/OWL/Kreis-Lippe/Bad-Salzuflen/3833638-Unwetter-in-Ostwestfalen-Lippe-Hagelsturm-ueber-Bad-Salzuflen Reference: "Hagelsturm über Bad Salzuflen", WESTFALEN BLATT, 19 JUN 2019 report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: […]

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