Step by step  VIDEO

How to use Hailsuit

Step by step Guide 


Unroll Hailsuit over the length of your car.

Step 1

Unroll Hailsuit over the width, away from the control panel.

Step 2

Unroll in the direction of the control panel, carefull not to cover the door yet.

Step 3

Open the window of  the door that is accessible.

Step 4

Plug-in Hailsuit trough this opened window.

Step 5

Carefully close the door and completely unroll Hailsuit.

Step 6

Attach the four wheel straps to the rims or wheels.

Step 7

Tighten the four wheelstraps carefully (not to tight!).

Step 8

Attach the other four straps to the front and rear-bumper.

Step 9

Close the deflation cap.

Step 10

Set Hailsuit to "inflate" and watch Hailsuit get filled with air.

Step 11

Hailsuit is in place and actively protecting your car from hailstones up to 60mm!

Step 12


Hailsuit protects your agains any form of hail inflicted damage. Compact and fast to deploy when your percious car is about to get hit by a hail storm, oh and did we say it's self inflatable? Well it is!

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