Klimaathorror in Italië, extreme hagelbui verandert snelweg in autokerkhof

Een automobilist heeft gefilmd hoe enorme hagelstenen zich door de ruiten van de auto trachten te boren. De scene lijkt rechtstreeks afkomstig uit een horror-film. Extreem noodweer met hagelstenen zo groot als tennisballen heeft maandag toegeslagen in het noorden van Italië. De storm hield huis in het gebied rond Parma. Op beelden is te zien dat op een snelweg honderden auto’s fors beschadigd raakten. De weg werd gedurende enige tijd afgesloten.

Hail storm damaged many cars today in Italy on A1 highway near #Parma https://t.co/JmDIHTdDwu pic.twitter.com/19r3YMlhKV

Never experienced #Hollandscheveld #hail

Hollandscheveld  Drenthe Netherlands (52.71 N, 6.54 E) < 1 km 18-06-2021  (Friday) 17:25 UTC (+/- 15 min.)

based on information from: a report on a website, photograph(s) and/or video footage of the inflicted damage
maximum hail diameter: 5 cm
Reference: rinkie00885998 (twitter), 18 jun 2021 Tuitmark (twitter), 18 jun 2021, report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: Bas van der Ploeg (Voluntary Observer Person)

Hailstones the size of table tennis balls: Storm in Upper Bavaria

Grünthal  Bayern Germany 30-04-2021  (Friday)16:55 UTC (+/- 5 min.)
Source: https://www.ovb-online.de/bilder/2021/04/30/90483649/25807114-unwetter-region-Pfa7.jpg

Reference: "Leserfotos vom Unwetter in der Region am 30. April", OVB-Online, 30 Apr 2021; report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: Hendrik Sass (ESWD VOP Test Account)

Large hailstones in Heves hungary

Erdőtelek  Heves Hungary < 3 km 22-04-2021  (Thursday) 12:15 UTC (+/- 5 min.)
Hagelgrootte: based on information from: photo or video of the event, a report on a website, an eye-witness report
maximum hail diameter: 3 cm

Reference: witness photo report; "Jégeső és zivatarlánc kísérték a hidegfrontot", IDÖKÉP, 22 APR 2021 report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1) contact: Thilo Kühne (ESWD management/ESSL Team)

A Single Hailstorm Can Total Your Car!

Every year millions of cars get written off due to the damage done by hailstorms. Even if the insurance company decides to cover for damages, the car is valued at least 20 percent less. It is no joyous moment to see your prized possession get destroyed in front of your eyes while you stand there helplessly.

This exact situation led a father and son to develop HAILSUIT. It's no fancy and complicated piece of tech but a simple inflatable emergency protective cover. It will always be there to protect your car from hailstone damage. The average size of a hailstone can range from 60mm to 2.3 inches. In the worst-case scenario, it can be like putting your car under raining golf balls. The least possible damage hailstones can do is to make the body of your worthless due to small dents.

The question that arises here is whether you would like to stand under a shade and stare helplessly at your car getting dented and its windows getting cracked? OR would you like to have a bag in the trunk of your car that has an inflatable cover that you can put on within 5 to 10 minutes?

It doesn’t matter if you own a prized exotic or a minivan that costs you your family’s savings, every car needs to be protected equally from hailstones damage. This is why HAILSUIT can be ordered tailor-made for every vehicle make and model.

HAILSUIT will be there for you through every hailstorm whenever and wherever you need it. An average hailstorm can be resisted easily as HAILSUIT can keep your car protected for up to four hours. Not to forget it is a reusable product.

It's best to do an ever-ready and trusty investment rather than to pay when the damage is done.

Damaged Hail Nuts at Night!

Tekkiraz  Ordu Province  Turkey (40.98 N, 37.16 E) < 3 km 23-03-2021  (Tuesday)
12:00 UTC (+/- 30 min.)

based on information from: an eyewitness report of the damage, an eye-witness report, a newspaper report
maximum hail diameter: 2 cm
Impacts: Crops/farmland damaged
Reference: "Gece Yağan Dolu Fındıklara Zarar Verdi!", FINDIK TV, 24 MAR 2021

report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1)

contact: Thilo Kühne (ESWD management/ESSL Team)